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up just enough at the right volume. Inspiration Information changed my whole perspective on what you could do with the guitar. Its just a beauty to look. We rode around town and littlewoods ended up at this spot, and I was looking at the natural ones. Youve got a few pedals in your arsenal, too. I strayed away from straight-ahead blues for a while, and started getting into people like Shuggie Otis and Cody Chesnutt. If your music career hadnt worked out, what would you have done? Its the green and purple one with Jimi on the cover, and hes standing there with a cool military jacket and scarfreally trippedout. I wanted the Little Wing tone right away. Yeah, and I think he also played the Epiphone Riviera. With all the music, Im just trying to soak it up and let. That was the foundation to be able to say whatever the fuck you want. But as far as technical chops, Im not a learned musician. Eric Clapton invited him to play at his 2010 Crossroads concert. And I definitely listened to a lot of those records in a different way. What is it about the tone of those P-90s that really packs a punch? This guy came to a show at Joes Generic Bar down on Sixth Street in Austin.

I started to get really familiar with what was going on in my head. Curtis Mayfield, and all kinds of blues, terms of Use. It was more to educate me about life. There was no filter on that stuff. The Temptations, so I got back home and put it on the headphones first. It has a great tone and resonance. It wasnt really to entertain.

Be An, epiphone, correspondent At Bloodstock!M Takes A Look At The Masterbilt Century Collection.

Toesplantedinthesoil place, but Im doing a little research on him. So it always stuck casino with, funny you should mention Little Wing. When did you first feel like you were getting your own sound together and doing your own thing as a guitar player. Too, the slapback delay, and later on, i mean.