More research is needed to determine whether people who dont cry really are different from the rest of us, and some is soon to come: those emailers who heard Trimble on the radio that morning in 2013 are now the subjects of the first scientific.An anger cry is much like the basic cry; however, in this cry, more excess air is forced through the vocal cords, making it a louder, more abrupt cry.Or, as Arthur Schopenhauer suggested, sorrowful crying is a method of self-pity or self-regard, a way one comforts oneself.

30 Other studies have supported Kitzinger's findings.2, for crying to be described as sobbing, it usually has to be accompanied by a set of other symptoms, such as slow but erratic inhalation, occasional instances of breath holding and muscular tremor.He and the handful of other scientists who study human crying tend to focus their research on wet eyes, not dry ones, so before the broadcast began, he set up an email on the air asked listeners who never cry to contact him.

This illustrated crying as a result of losing someone and regretting not spending more time with them or being nervous about an upcoming event.This is done by expanding the glottis, which allows more air to pass through.