A popular but erroneous folk etymology holds that Holland is derived from hol land hollow land" in Dutch) purportedly inspired by the low-lying geography of the land.Gradually, its regional importance increased until it began to have a decisive, and ultimately dominant, influence on the History of the Netherlands.

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headquarters of Delmas (transport and communications, 1,200 employees) and SPB (Provident Society Banking, insurance, 500 employees) have settled recently at the entrance to the city. Top photos chosen real

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Geschiedenis van Holland, Vol.14 This phenomenon has been called "hollandocentrism".

The western coastline shifted up to thirty kilometres (19 miles) to the east and storm surges regularly broke through the row of coastal dunes.South Holland in which it was divided, which together include the Netherlands' three largest cities: the de jure capital city of, amsterdam ; Rotterdam, home of, europe's largest port ; and the seat of government of, the Hague.