Asia, loosely classified into the, near East, Middle East and, far East : the directional regions now known today as western Asia, southern Asia, eastern Asia, and southeast Asia (Note that traditionally directional regions of a continent do not use an upper-case letter).Discover Our Heritage, keeping Time the Mechanical Way.We negate the theory of some businesses just make money as for us, customer satisfaction stands at top priority thus making us advocates of transparent trade.

"Los Angeles Times - We are currently unavailable in your region".See more synonyms for orient on m noun the Orient, the countries of Asia, especially East Asia.German edit In German, Orient is usually used synonymously with the area between the Near East and India, including Israel, the Arab world, and Greater Persia.

If in case the product you've received is defective, rest assured because will replace it for you.American Criticism, New York Standard, New York.Origin of orient 13501400; Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin orient- (stem of orins) the east, sunrise, noun use of present participle of orr to rise; see -ent, related formsorienter, nounself-oriented, adjectivewell-oriented, adjective, synonyms for orient.