On, the Pulsar was finally ready, made in 18-carat gold and sold for 2,100.This was only sold for a few years, as production problems and returned (faulty) product forced the company to cease production.Most quartz movements are primarily electronic but are geared to drive mechanical hands on the face of the watch to provide a traditional analog display of the time, a feature most consumers still prefer.

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They can be worn in different temperature and pressure conditions but are under no circumstances designed for scuba diving.Antiquarian Horology Journal" (PDF).To keep awake, especially for a purpose; remain vigilant, as for protection or safekeeping: to watch with a sick person.

Retrieved "T001 Instruction Manual" (PDF).One ball bearing, on the edge of the watch, indicates the hour, while the other, on the face, indicates the minute.A small, portable timepiece, as a wrist watch or pocket watch.